Benefits of Cirilac for Children

Of the benefits of children's sarlak it is a food item easy to digest, do not cause any digestive disorders of the child. Contains protein, both vegetable and animal, and this promotes the growth of the child, and increases the efficiency of building cells in the body, and renewal.

It is considered a food rich in natural fibers that help to improve the digestive process, and increase efficiency. The baby gets rid of the cramps and does not cause any gastrointestinal disorders, because it also contains dietary fiber. It is also a perfect meal because it contains vitamins, especially vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C and vitamin D, all of which help Vital in the body.

It also contains a group of mineral salts found naturally in its components, such as iron, phosphorus, zinc and manganese, which perform vital functions in the body, especially the nervous system. It is a food that helps to build bones, and teeth by strengthening the element of calcium in it significantly.