Benefits of coal for the face

Of the benefits of coal to the face it helps to increase the purity of the skin, as many companies that manufacture cosmetics use coal as a basic component of their products, coal has the ability to control the oils or excess fat in the skin, and it gets rid of the impurities found in them, Inside the skin, it is also effective in removing dead cells, removing existing impurities, and thus getting a clean and clean skin.

It also helps to reduce the size of pores. Many people suffer from the problem of clear pores on their skin, and fortunately, the charcoal mask has the ability to reduce these pores. It also contributes to the treatment of acne. Acne, because of its ability to treat excess toxins in the skin effectively, and remove the impurities also, in addition to removing the scars left by these pills.

In addition, it is resistant to the symptoms of aging, as early aging is one of the most common problems facing women, and in the form of fine lines appear at the beginning of the age of 30, and can prevent or reduce these symptoms by the use of the coal mask, which helps reduce the wrinkles and fine lines that Make the face appear dim.