Benefits of honey and lemon for skin

The most important health benefits in the case of combining honey and lemon for the skin it helps to moisturize the skin, while honey is a moisturizer, which means it forms a protective layer on the skin, to help retain moisture, and this makes honey suitable for dry skin, because it prevents rupture and ulceration, It also benefits people with oily skin because it moisturizes the skin without leaving a fatty layer behind.

In addition, it helps to cleanse and clean the skin, where lemon is used to cleanse the skin, by rubbing a slice of lemon on the skin every day, and left for up to an hour, and then rinsed with warm water. Remove stains and light scars: Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which helps to remove stains and light scars that appear on the skin, especially when excessive exposure to sunlight.

In addition, it helps to reduce wrinkles and slack skin: Honey is rich in substances called antioxidants, which can help reduce the fine wrinkles and skin slack. Treatment of acne and blackheads, where studies show that the application of honey on the skin treats pimples and acne, because of its anti-bacterial properties, and can be added cinnamon to honey for the treatment of musculoskeletal.