Benefits of lotus roots

The benefits of lotus roots help to dissolve fat and mucus from the lungs, bronchial, throat and sinuses, as well as help calm the congested lung, treat sinus problems, reduce chronic cough, and stimulate blood circulation; To increase oxygen in the organs, and increase its flow in the body. Red blood cells are produced because they contain iron and copper, which helps prevent anemia or anemia.

The lotus contains pyridoxic acid, one of the elements of vitamin B, so it treats headaches caused by tension and tension, and interact with nerve receptors in the brain.

The lotus contains a high percentage of potassium, which regulates fluids in the body, increases blood flow, reduces pressure on the cardiovascular system, and facilitates the passage of blood. Fluids and blood to the brain.

The lotus roots also contain a high proportion of dietary fiber important to the digestive system, such fiber helps to accelerate the movement of the intestine, which prevents the incidence of constipation and facilitate the process of disposal and disposal of waste, and helps to get rid of excess weight because of the presence of fibers that give a sense of fullness for a long time , Thus they reduce the appetite towards eating.