Benefits of medicinal squash

 The benefits of zucchini are used in the treatment of many skin diseases and moisturizing the skin, and uses the fruits of zucchini in support of the immune system in general, in addition to the end is the zucchini of plants that contribute to the growth of bones and teeth, and help the fruit of zucchini to prevent jaundice and activate the liver . 5. Softening the stomach as well as softening the bowel.

The zucchini helps the zucchini fruit to reduce blood pressure, helps the squash to improve and strengthen the memory, and the squash is used to reduce weight, and the use of couscous in many of the delicacies, and, and uses the right button in the elimination of intestinal worms, especially worm Only, it is also used to relieve the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia in the elderly.

It also helps to treat vomiting in pregnant women. It also helps in treating people with dizziness. It also helps relieve thirst and reduces heat when it is hot. It also helps the button in the cyst and the diuretics and break the gravel is considered the button squash expectorant and treats the cough and helps to calm the nerves and print.