Benefits of pumpkin for the body

One of the benefits of pumpkin is that pumpkin is suitable for weight loss diets, as it is a good source of dietary fiber that slows digestion and stimulates the feeling of saturation for longer periods, and is low in calories, and pumpkin is an excellent source of vitamin A, because of its high content of beta- Carotene, which turns in the body to vitamin A, which gives the pumpkin orange color. Vitamin A plays a key role in eye health and vision.

The pumpkin oil also fights many bacterial and fungal infections, and the beta-carotene compounds found in the pumpkin contribute to the protection of the skin from the effects of vitamin A. UV, and pumpkin extracts have antioxidant properties, making it suitable for pre-diabetes, diabetes and vascular damage. Pumpkin seeds contain high amounts of vitamin E, known for their antioxidant activity.

In addition, it is found that eating pumpkin in the prevention of some types of cancer, scientific studies have found that people who eat a diet high in the content of beta-carotene reduces the risk of some cancers, such as prostate cancer and lung cancer, and vitamin A and vitamin C act as antioxidants Protect your body from free radicals that cause cancer.

Some preliminary research has also found that eating pumpkin improves the level of glucose in the blood and raises the level of insulin produced by the body, which can play an important role in cases of diabetes, and found several studies conducted on experimental animals have antihypertensive effects Directly after eating the pumpkin, but this effect needs more scientific research to prove it.

 Many researchers have isolated pumpkin compounds that have low blood glucose levels. [2] Scientific studies have found that eating pumpkin seed oil reduces symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, and pumpkin can play a role in intestinal worms, bladder irritation, kidney infections, etc. Of the cases, but these effects need further scientific research to evaluate them.