Benefits of salt for hair

One of the most important benefits of salt for hair, where the dandruff is eliminated, it absorbs moisture and excess oils causing the scalp from the scalp, and prevent sweating scalp, it absorbs moisture from the scalp to prevent sweating.

It also helps to protect the hair from fungus, it prevents the moisture that forms the environment of fungi, it also helps to give the hair softness, moisturizing and luster, because it contains minerals, it makes the hair shiny and soft and protect from damage and feed and restore vitality.

As well as help to intensify the hair, it prevents the occurrence of the factors mentioned above, which affect the hair remains thick and bright and healthy, and helps to treat curly hair and soften, and eliminate the effects of chemical hair products, these products damage the scalp and salt works to get rid of this damage , The improvement of hair growth, it is useful in stimulating hair growth, a natural remedy for alopecia.