Benefits of vitamin C for children

Collagen collagen is an essential ingredient for building bones, teeth, skin, connective tissue and gums, and until the body grows properly, collagen must be produced properly. Iron absorption Vitamin C helps absorb iron in the body from its food sources, and if not absorbed in the desired way, it may be dangerous to cardiovascular health, so be careful to give the child appropriate amounts of vitamin needed to build the body and maintain health.

In addition, it helps to strengthen immunity. Vitamin C is known as ascorbic acid, which has an active role in many vital functions within the body. The most important of these is the strengthening of the immune system. It increases the body's resistance to many diseases, increases the ability of the body to heal wounds, Damaged cells, and increased brain activity.

It also helps to prevent sudden death syndrome SIDS Recent studies have shown that vitamin C may be useful for preventing sudden death syndrome for children. Although many research has to be done on this subject, it has so far proved that there is a relationship between vitamin C And prevention of sudden death syndrome for children.