Causes of gallstones

The gallstones are caused by eating some foods that contain a very high percentage of fat, and the high cholesterol caused the formation of stones, so it is advised not to eat large amounts of food that contains high cholesterol, and alleviate, and there are some reasons that lead to Infectious gallstones, namely:

 As a result of age, people often suffer from gallstones after 40 years, weight gain, excess obesity, pregnant women, or lactation, cirrhosis, and heredity, where scientific studies have shown that heredity has a major role in gallbladder disease Or inflammation.

Irritable bowel disease, and people who have undergone surgery to treat weight loss are susceptible to gallstones. Patients who take the antibiotic called ceftriaxone are more likely to be infected, women may take oral contraceptives, diabetes can cause gallbladder disease, and lack of exercise leads to infection. Sports are very useful in getting rid of diseases.