Causes of hair loss in children

The causes of hair loss in children and result in hair loss in this case of the child with certain diseases such as diabetes, iron deficiency, and lack of work in the thyroid gland, where hair loss is a symptom of infection of these diseases, and often stop hair loss in this case at Healing of the disease, and the intake of some drugs, sometimes falling hair of the child due to the treatment of certain drugs lead to the fall, such as chemotherapy taken for treatment of cancer, but the hair is due to grow as before after the cessation of treatment and recovery of the disease, in addition to the drugs that address Love the Youth, and diet medicines.

 The shock to the hair, where the exposure of the hair to shock to the fall is noticeable and strong, which produces the shock of continuous hair tightening, and the use of hair preparations Kalmish, slimming, dyes, hair dryers Kalashvar, iron hair. Psychological state: The psychological state of the child plays a large role in hair loss, in addition to high body temperature dramatically, and usually stop hair loss after the end of psychological problems.

 Malnutrition, and malnutrition is one of the main causes of hair loss, because of the lack of the body's need for vitamins that help the growth of hair and strength, as well as follow the diet as a teenager, this leads to hair loss heavily. Dandruff: Tinnitus is a fungal disease that affects the scalp. Head pain is manifested by circular spots in the scalp that are free of hair and treated with antifungal drugs.