Causes of sagging face

It is best to enjoy the ideal weight, so that we keep the face tight and free of wrinkles, wrinkles and early. , And thinness, specifically follow the wrong systems to get rid of weight, or quick elimination of weight. Aging: Age plays a major role in affecting the skin and the appearance of wrinkles.

As well as cosmetics, by placing one of the poor or cheap powders on the face, which contain harmful chemicals and adversely affect the face, so it is recommended to use good cosmetics, the genetic factor, through genes transmitted by parents and grandparents To the offspring, which leads to relaxation in the layers of the skin, thus sagging the face noticeably.

In addition to the psychological factor, where the psychological factor is important first place for the health of the skin in particular, because the tension, anxiety and depression, negatively affect the freshness and luster of the skin, and unhealthy diets, where healthy nutrition is one of the most important ingredients that maintain the luster and freshness Facial skin, and the adoption of improper food systems adversely affect the freshness of the face, so you should eat healthy foods that provide the skin with many useful nutritional values, such as: proteins, iron, calcium.