Foods that prevent Alzheimer 's

Foods that prevent Alzheimer's leafy vegetables, where leafy vegetables such as turnip, spinach, cabbage and green mustard contain large amounts of folic acid and vitamin B9, which improves cognitive ability and knowledge and reduces depression.

The cruciferous vegetables include cruciferous vegetables on broccoli, broccoli sprouts and rapeseed on large amounts of folic acid and help to reduce the amino acid associated with cognitive and cognitive impairment.

Beans and legumes, such as chickpeas and lentils, and these foods contain large amounts of folic acid, iron, magnesium and potassium, which can help maintain the functions of the body and help to strengthen the nerves, and contains a compound of choline and vitamin B, which strengthens the acetylcholine is a device An important neurotransmitter to maintain the function of the brain and strengthen the Ordk and knowledge, which helps to prevent Alzheimer's disease

Berries and cherries. This fruit also contains anthocyanins, which help protect the brain from further damage caused by free radicals. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties and contains antioxidant compounds and large amounts of vitamin C and vitamin E.

Pumpkins, asparagus, tomatoes, carrots and beets. These vegetables, if not cooked on vitamin A, folic acid and iron, help these nutrients increase the ability to recognize, concentrate and stimulate memory.