Hair loss in protein

 Although the benefits given by the protein to hair, but it can damage later, including hair loss, show this problem after a short period of the use of protein treatment, and the weakness of the scalp it affects the pores and reduce the useful fats in them and thus become weak and dry.

In addition, it causes hair to break. The reason for this is that the hair becomes dry and hard, the scalp is sensitive, the skin is rashes and itchy, and the individual hair follicle can stimulate the growth of cancer cells because it contains many chemicals, either by inhalation or absorption Of the skin.

In addition to the damage that it does not last for a long time, as it is secretive deactivation when neglecting hair, and also works to increase the dryness of hair and part to the use of expensive oils, in addition to it needs a special type of shampoo at a high cost.
Hair loss in protein
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