Iron deficiency symptoms

 One of the most important symptoms caused by iron deficiency may cause iron deficiency unjustified fatigue, as the body needs hemoglobin to deliver oxygen to all parts of the body, so it may lead to the lack of sufficient amounts of oxygen to all parts of the body, causing fatigue, And poor productivity at work.

Skin blemishes, where hemoglobin is what gives the blood red color, so the lack of redness reduces redness of the blood, and may cause skin pigmentation throughout the body, or parts of it, such as the face, or the bottom of the eyelid, or gums, or the inner lips .

It also causes shortness of breath. Inadequate amounts of oxygen to the cells of the body can cause an increase in the frequency of breathing in humans, due to the need of cells to oxygen, and may lead to shortness of breath, and may feel people with iron deficiency difficulty doing some Simple business, like walking, climbing stairs.

In addition, it causes headaches and dizziness, and the lack of hemoglobin in the blood may cause insufficient amounts of oxygen to reach the brain, and may lead to swelling in the blood vessels that reach it, causing headaches. Heartbeat: The lack of hemoglobin levels in the blood increases the effort of the heart to deliver oxygen to the cells. This may cause arrhythmias in the heartbeat. Therefore, the person may quickly feel the palpitations of the heart, and cases where iron deficiency is severe Causing heart failure, or failure.