Natural recipes to treat hair shave

Boil a small amount of curry leaves with a tablespoon of coconut oil on the fire until the leaves are shaved, the mixture is removed from the fire and when cooled it is applied to the white hair and left for 30 to 45 minutes and rinsed with water. Repeat this recipe twice a week.

 Mix a small amount of coconut oil with three tablespoons of lemon juice mix well, the mixture is painted on the hair and scalp with a massage using the fingers to be absorbed well, then wash with water and shampoo, and repeat this process once a week .

 Eating a tablespoon of black honey daily for several months helps restore the color of natural hair and get the desired result. Ery the fruit of the onion and use the resulting juice in the scalp massage, leave for half an hour to a full hour and then rinse well and repeat this recipe daily and for several weeks.

Put a quantity of coconut oil on the fire and leave it to boil, then add some amount of Indian fox powder can also add some pieces of dried Indian fox berries and wait until it reaches the level of charred, then the mixture is lifted from the fire and let it cool down and then put on Hair and scalp for at least an hour It is best to put it at night until the next morning, then wash it in a good way, and repeat this exercise once or twice a week.