The benefits of chewing frankincense

It is recommended to eat it before exercise, and it is recommended to give it to football goalkeepers to ensure their vigilance and activity, and helps to calm the students and ensure that they get the results Higher, so the specialists are advised to take the students before entering the examination hall.

Chewing frankincense helps increase energy consumption, calorie consumption, and increases the feeling of satiety. It helps to lose weight, as chewing for 60 minutes contributes to burning 11 calories without the need for any activity. Contributes to the treatment of respiratory diseases, such as asthma, cough, and cough, also stimulates and strengthens the airways, and helps get rid of phlegm.

It also increases the strength of the weak stomach. It stimulates the brain. It increases the ability to remember and concentrate. It increases the activity of the circulatory system in the body and gives a feeling of comfort. It helps to relax the muscles. Reduces feeling of tension, fatigue, and anxiety.