The importance of iron in the body

 The benefits of iron in the body, it helps to maintain the health of pregnancy, as the production of red blood cells and blood volume increases significantly during pregnancy, because the body begins to deliver oxygen and food to the embryos, which increases the need for iron, The absorption of the mother's body to the iron rises to the upper limit, but not taking it to sufficient amounts can cause her iron deficiency.
 It is worth mentioning that the intake of small amounts of iron during pregnancy may increase the risk of premature birth, or low birth weight of the child, and suffering from problems of development and perception, and they may be more vulnerable to infection as well.

Where it can be necessary for physical and cerebral performance, because it is responsible for the transfer of oxygen to brain and muscle cells, and may cause lack of concentration, and found that eating insufficient amounts of iron can affect the effectiveness of energy use of the body.

Iron deficiency is common among athletes, especially females. Some researchers have suggested that females who exercise in endurance must add 10 milligrams of iron to their daily needs.