Treatment of blood pressure in herbs

There are natural herbs that contribute to the treatment of blood pressure, including celery, which is one of the treatments used for the past high blood pressure, and eat a few of them, four legs of them daily to reduce blood pressure. Garlic, garlic contains elements that increase its effectiveness in reducing high blood pressure, it is able to reduce diastolic pressure and this is to eat three cloves of it every day either by eating directly or add to food.

As well as tomatoes, because it contains the acid (gamma - aminooteric) is a cure for high blood pressure, in addition to rich with other nutrients capable of lowering blood pressure, as well as saffron, it contains the substance of corsetin, a chemical has an impact in lowering blood pressure , Saffron can be cooked with food or added to juices.

 As well as to the islands, it is characterized as rich in anti-pressure compounds, and can be taken either in the form of juice or added to the food and can be taken as it is. Broccoli contains glutathione, one of the compounds used to treat high pressure. Parsley, it helps in the excretion of urine and rid the body of accumulated salts.

Hibiscus is not recommended for many people who suffer from low pressure, and strawberries, it is rich in compounds that treat anemia and high pressure and it promotes the activity of circulation. Avoid some herbs that cause high blood pressure namely, almonds, barley, licorice, basil, kohl eddin, figs, cherubs, cabbage and coffee.