Ways to remove face drills

One of the most important treatment methods and quick to help get rid of the face drilling is the injection of the Filler, where these injections fill the holes with chemicals or natural animal fats, and this method is safe, but not permanent, which lasts for six months to a year.

Second, laser peeling, where the skin is peeled, using laser beams, through the patient subjected to a number of sessions, determined by the specialist based on the results of peeling, a safe method, if conducted in private centers, and under the supervision of specialists and trainers, The best to remove the drill permanently, but expensive, and advised to make peeling in the winter, to avoid the occurrence of infections or burns in the skin.

Third, crystal peeling, which is by peeling the skin using crystal granules, is a safe method, and does not cause any complications in the skin, but the treatment period is somewhat long, reaching in most cases more than ten sessions.

IV Chemical peeling, which is the subject of the patient to more than a peeling session using acids of all kinds, especially acid Salsilk acid, which works on the skin peeling deeply, but this type of peeling in private centers, because it is an unsafe method, skin.