What are the benefits of wormwood

It benefits from the benefits of wicking, which nourishes the hair follicles, maintains its moisture and vitality, and thus stops hair loss. It contains tar, which effectively nourishes hair. It also has an effective dollar in treating menstrual pains in women. It relaxes muscles and prevents spasm. Pain relief.

It is also considered a food for livestock, as the throat gets rid of the annoying sputum and treats hiccups. It reduces the risk of diabetes if it is taken. It can also be used as a home-made incense to cleanse unpleasant and unpleasant smells. It also produces urine and menstruation, and treats scorpions and insects by dressing it.

In addition, it treats alopecia and lichen disease by soaking blending ashes with any fat and then put it on the head area. It is useful in the treatment of back pain and joints, by eating boiling boiled, or oil on the affected place, and goes to diets effectively, in addition to it addresses some diseases related to the respiratory system and urinary system as well.

In addition, it reduces the heat and uses the flower emulsion to wash the affected eyes with ophthalmology. It also treats some respiratory diseases by inhaling its flowers. It also treats some skin diseases such as sores and wounds, treats nail inflammation, and treats colds, flu, rheumatism, Rash, eczema, wounds, sores.