What causes heel pain

A common cause of heel pain is the presence of plantar ligament, where the plantar ligament is a strong ligament-like ligament extending from the heel to the tip of the foot. This type of pain is often caused by the shape of the foot, ie, if the foot arches are particularly high or low, when This condition affects the middle of the foot at times and the pain is felt under the foot, especially after long periods of rest. There may also be convulsions in the leg muscles if stiffness and Achilles tendon is also stressed.

It is also a cause of bronchitis, which can also occur in the back of the heel of the bursa, which is a fluid sac filled with fluids and can result in a hard landing or pressure from the shoes and may cause pain deep inside the heel or in the back of the heel and Sometimes the Achilles tendon swells and as the condition progresses, pain worsens.
 It is also common causes in the heels of the heel, as this condition is common in adolescents where the heel bone is not fully mature after which leads to rubbing the excessive heel, which leads to the formation of many of the bones and often occurs because of the presence of flat foot and can occur at the start In high heels wear before the bones fully mature.

The pain is also caused by stress. This pain is associated with repeated stress, hard exercise or heavy manual exercise. Runners are particularly prone to stress fractures in the bones of the instep. It can also be caused by a fragile disease Bones.