What is the treatment of herbal diarrhea

The treatment of herbal diarrhea is the best thing to get rid of diarrhea, and we will show you some of these herbs useful, as the herb Astragalos have many of the characteristics of anti-bacterial and anti-virus' and is considered one of the best natural treatments for diarrhea. The Astragalus herb contains polysaccharides that help to improve the immune system and also promote the activity of macrophages (white blood cells that swallow germs). Astragalus also increases the levels of natural antibodies in the bloodstream.

Gold ring, where Goldensil or gold ring is known as Hydradest Candadines. It has anti-bacterial properties and is also known to reduce the adhesion of E. coli bacteria to the body. It also helps stimulate the immune system. The gold ring herb contains various active ingredients that act as a treatment for diarrhea. These components include pyrebrine, which increases the activity of phagocytes, which can digest viruses and bacteria in the body.

Berberis (also known as Berberiz valgaris) is a strong herb containing pyperin, which has anti-protozoa properties, causing protozoa (a parasite), such as diarrhea, dysentery, cholera vibrio, giardia and others. The herb has anti-bacterial properties, it fights all kinds of bacteria that cause diarrhea and does so by increasing the production of thrombocytopenia and platelets.