Benefits of borage herb

The benefits of borage herb It helps to relieve the various infections that affect the urinary system, joints, in addition to the inflammation of the heart that is accompanied by swelling. Treatment of rheumatism. And relieve many mental and neurological disorders such as depression and sadness, through the era of fresh leaves, specifically after the pulp, and eat ten milliliters a day three times.

It also has an effective role in the treatment of eczema. It is enough to take a 500-milligram (500 milligram) borage oil to make you feel comfortable and happy by mixing it with a little water and cherry juice, boiling the mixture well and eating it immediately before going to sleep. Often in the United Kingdom. In America, people mix a teaspoon of dry herb powder, put it in a cup of boiling water, leave it for 10 minutes, drain it and drink it.

It also helps to stimulate and stimulate the action of the adrenal gland and increase its ability to secrete adrenaline hormone, known as fugitive or escape, which enables a person to act seriously in difficult and critical situations where nervous stress is high. Treat many diseases such as lupus, diabetes, measles, and regulate blood sugar and cholesterol.
Benefits of borage herb
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