Benefits of cardamom

 The benefits of cardamom helps to moisturize the skin and nourish it and maintain its health and radiance. Antibacterial agents, which cause various diseases of the human body, also helps to strengthen the hair from its roots and get shiny hair, healthy and shiny, get rid of painful headaches, and help to treat addiction, which is fatal in some cases.

It is not recommended to treat cardamom for people with gallstones, as the cardamom works to irritate them. Avoid ingestion of cardamom in people with allergies, as they will suffer from side effects such as dyspnea, blurred vision and other symptoms. Chest pain. Problems of the psychological system in some cases. Swelling of the skin.

They also have an effective role in treating some digestive disorders by eliminating stomach distension as well as solving indigestion problems. Get a mouth with a fragrant smell and get rid of bad breath. It is especially appetizing when people suffer from anorexia and extreme thinness problems that threaten life. Rid the body of toxins and waste. Reduce blood pressure in humans.

It also helps to urinate, clean up the urinary tract, get rid of toxins and salts through it, get rid of mouth and throat infections, and treat diseases of cold and flu. Eliminate certain cancers in various organs of the human body., Keep the skin from the effects of aging, lines and wrinkles.