Benefits of celery

The benefits of celery that help to reduce inflammation, according to a study conducted in rats published in the Journal of Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, and that the chemical epigenine contained in celery and some other foods, help to modify or reduce damage caused by inflammation, It helps to reduce the genetic expression of certain inflammatory proteins in mice; thus celery helps restore the immune balance.

 In addition, celery seeds contain approximately 25 anti-inflammatory compounds, which provide a double protection against inflammation. Chronic inflammation is associated with many diseases, including arthritis and osteoporosis.

It also helps to lower blood pressure, although there is little evidence that celery seeds help lower blood pressure in humans. However, a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food confirms that celery has an effect that lowers blood pressure in mice. The researchers concluded that celery seeds Antihypertensive properties, because they contain water-soluble compounds such as n-butylphthalate, which can be considered as a potent antihypertensive agent.

It also helps to form neurons, where studies indicate that there are other benefits of the substance of epigenes found in celery; it helps and stimulates the growth and development of nerve cells, and the results of research conducted in mice in 2009 that the injection of mice or this article about Oral pathway resulted in an improvement in memory and in the ability to learn.