Benefits of evening primrose

Of the benefits of spring flower it helps to treat many skin problems such as eczema, rashes. Relieve menstrual pain, as oil reduces uterine contractions. Maintaining heart health, studies have shown that daily use of oil reduces the rate of cholesterol, and blood pressure, and thus reduces the risk of heart-related diseases, such as atherosclerosis, strokes.

In addition to containing oil that has anti-inflammatory properties, it makes it useful in alleviating the pain of arthritis. Providing diabetics with substances that improve blood sugar, and also protects against diabetic neuropathy, which is the condition of neurosis often suffered by diabetics. Reduce clogged facial pores, by easing the sebum substance, thus contributing to the treatment of acne and pimples that appear on the face.

In addition, it contributes to the treatment of infertility and impotence, by improving the flow of blood to the reproductive organs, through the intake of spring primrose oil with vitamin C, in addition to ginkgo biloba for women who have a desire to pregnancy. Relieve the dark circles experienced by some, renew skin cells, and fight signs of progress in the skin. Reduce skin dryness, increase moisture and freshness, so this plant is often used in skin care cosmetics.

Plus it helps to increase nail strength, preventing it from breaking down because it contains its oil on the acids that help it. Protection from brain-related diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, where the oil improves nerve impulses, which the brain performs more efficiently. Give the body active and vitality, and reduce fatigue and fatigue; and that when eating fish oil with evening primrose oil.