Benefits of Feather

It is very useful in the treatment of asthma, and also contributes to the treatment of inflammation produced in the intestines. Contributes significantly to the activation of blood circulation in the body. Used in cases of anemia, and can treat cases of epilepsy. It is an excellent resistance to cancer. Contributes to the treatment of alcoholics.

Plus it helps to eliminate the accumulated fat in the body. Helps to activate the process of representation in the plant. Enhances the immunity of the human body. It gives the skin vitality and increased freshness, as is recommended in cases of varicose veins. It is recommended in cases of hemorrhoids. It gives the skin a super smoothness.

In addition, it helps in cases of poisoning caused by food. It significantly dissolves benign tumors. Contributes to enhancing the ability of red blood cells in the body to carry oxygen, and enhances the ability of the body to get rid of fatigue and so-called insomnia (inability to sleep).

In addition, it contributes to the treatment of psoriasis. Enhances the body's ability to dissolve kidney stones, and also contributes to the treatment of the disease known as the liver disease. Helps in the treatment of arthritis in the body, and helps in cases of rheumatism. Diabetes treats the blood. Contributes distinctly and distinctly in the treatment of burns. Is characterized by the ability to address cases of shortness of breath.

In addition, the dandruff is eliminated through it. Contribute to the treatment of headache. It delays the so-called aging stage, and contains many useful vitamins and essential minerals. It is useful in some cases of so-called "hypertension" and effectively helps in the treatment of infections, especially sore throat.