Benefits of lemon peel with water

It is possible to eat lemon peel to prevent skin, breast and colon cancers. Lemon peel contains high levels of vitamin C, Vitamin C increases the body's immunity, its ability to resist disease and prevent infection.

It is also considered eating lemon peel or drinking dipped lemon peel with water from sore throat treatments, and flu. Lemon peel helps improve digestion, and gum infections are one of the most serious problems of the mouth. Gingivitis causes vitamin C deficiency. Lemon peel is an effective treatment for gum and tooth problems because it contains a high percentage of vitamin C.

Also, eating lemon peel or drinking it reduces the level of cholesterol in the body, which reduces the risk of heart disease, and maintain the health of the arteries, and contains lemon peel on potassium, which contributes to the maintenance of blood pressure.

Lemon peel also contains calcium that helps strengthen the bones, prevent the risk of being fragile, and prevent arthritis. Lemon peel contains anti-oxidant compounds, which maintains the freshness of the skin and helps to get rid of dark spots, and treatment of skin problems such as acne and pigmentation. Lemon peel with water is used to lose weight.