Benefits of milk cream

It is useful for eye health, as it contains vitamin A significantly and helps the presence of Vitamin A in the cream to improve the health of the eye, it helps the eye to adapt the lighting, which enhances the night vision and makes the eye more moist, and preserves Vitamin A, which is present in the pimples on the health of the network of the eye and prevents the possibility of night blindness by raising the degree of human eye dimming with darkness and with bright light also.
In addition, it helps the cream to grow, as one of the most important benefits of milk cream is that it contains vitamin B and vitamin B in the skin is necessary for the development and growth of tissues such as skin eye and mucous membrane and connective tissue and the immune system and nervous system And genitals as it also works to promote healthy skin and hair  The cream also helps to form bones, as the extract contains the important bone growth buffer for dental health as phosphorus helps calcium in the formation of strong bones and improves the health of gums and teeth, and phosphorus also provides a sense of comfort from many Of serious diseases such as heavy metals or osteoporosis.

Fourth: Milk cream helps in cases of infection in the kidneys:
Kidney stones are the main constituents of calcium and minerals in the urinary system. Studies have shown that eating a large amount of calcium reduces the chances of kidney stones.

Calcium intake, which we get from food sources, is not the reason for the formation of gallstones, but the reason for the formation of the stones of the stomach is the excessive presence of minerals in water. Eating large amounts of leafy vegetables such as spinach and cabbage and consuming small amounts of fluid may result in kidney stones.

Milk cream reduces and adjusts high pressure. Pantothenic acid found in kestrel helps reduce stress and mental problems such as depression, stress and anxiety and helps to improve mental state. It works to regulate the hormones responsible for those mental states.