Benefits of municipal barley

 There are many benefits to weight loss, as the high soluble fiber content of barley contributes to the elimination of fat and fat accumulated in the abdomen, and those that cause diabetes and liver disease.

It is also useful for gallbladder, where there is an American study that barley is useful in the prevention and treatment of gallstones. Barley tea can be made from non-caffeine, so it is suitable for adults and young people, and this drink is the best alternative to coffee and tea in China and Japan.

It preserves the skin and skin. It also contains vitamins and elements, especially the selenium, which maintains the skin's elasticity and protects it from the formation of cancers. It also preserves the skin color and removes brown spots, and its antioxidant properties renew the skin cells.

In addition to activating the role of blood in the body so it is useful for the heart and the activation of the immune system. Useful for pregnant women: Prevents fermentation and reduces inflammation of the urinary tract and constipation and hemorrhoids that accompany pregnancy, and it eliminates vomiting and nausea resulting from pregnancy, and also has a role in the prevention of gestational diabetes.

In addition, it is useful for intestines, because of the fiber contained in barley, it helps the stomach in cleaning the colon of the waste food as well as in the digestion of food and protection from constipation. The body detoxifies and prevents its spread in the blood and in all organs of the body.