Benefits of Veal Herb

It has many benefits, including, it helps to treat menstrual disorders, pain and contraction, and the leaves are very useful for the health of the uterus, and also treat various infections, especially skin infections, and also treat pharynx, ear and teeth. It is beneficial in cases of diarrhea and is also used in appetite.

It is considered effective in the treatment of headaches and aches, and treats inflammation of the gums and joints and the pain of rheumatism. The pain of inflammation of the tonsils, and the treatment of urine significantly, in addition to it is used in the treatment of various mental diseases and hysteria.

They are also resistant to fever and are widely used for contraception, especially in East Asian countries, where one teaspoon of dry fijl powder is taken, then placed in a cup and then added to a quarter liter of boiled water, then covered and left for a quarter of an hour, A cup is taken twice a day.
Benefits of Veal Herb
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