Benefits of vinegar

One of the benefits of vinegar is that it helps to fight bacteria, dirt and bacteria, because vinegar contains potash, which gets rid of germs and absorb water from them after elimination. Treats sore throat, coughing and persistent cough, using apple vinegar as the best for these cases. Eliminates exhaustion, tiredness and insomnia by drinking it with a glass of water when sleeping or waking up.

It also treats angina, through gargle with vinegar and water for five minutes every hour, and helps cleanse the mouth and remove the bad smell of it and strengthens the gums, and also by rinsing it. It cleanses the urinary tract and treats urinary bladder infections, if regular amounts of vinegar are taken. Treat vomiting cases, by taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a little mug in the course of a vomiting sensation and will end up completely.

It also removes the effects of burns, by dipping a piece of cotton in the vinegar and put it on the place of burning and the effects will end completely and nothing remains, and purifies the intestines of bacteria and microbes and eliminates them. Treat indigestion, and help the digestive system digest food, by drinking a glass of water in a tablespoon of vinegar after eating.

It also helps to protect the body from insect bites or to treat the effects of sting, by painting exposed parts of the body exposed to vinegar or vinegar, reduces weight, removes fat and fat, and reduces the proportion of harmful cholesterol, by adding to the power.