Benefits of volatile oils in the black bean

 Of the benefits of volatile oils in the black bean it helps to reduce arterial blood pressure. Asthma treatment As studies have shown that increased breathing speed and laxative cramps through the secretion of histamine, and has an effective role in the treatment of gout; it increases the output of uric acid in the urine, the acid that causes gout.

In addition, it helps to get rid of germs and intestinal fungi. Examples of these germs: Salmonella, Altivia, and mastectomy, and Znjarp, and fungi, including black shepherd and some intestinal worms. Reduce intestinal cramps and promote relaxation of muscles.

As well as help to reduce blood sugar according to studies conducted on the salary and the correct mice infected with experimental diabetes, and control the body temperature is high according to studies have injected black seed oil in mice; which led to a reduction in temperature of a degree of degrees Celsius, and the treatment of inflammation and inhibition The growth of certain germs, especially those associated with acne.