Cleaning the bathroom ceramics

Kitchen ceramics can be cleaned through the first. You should regularly wash and rinse the bathroom two to five times a week, because the accumulation of dirt and dust inside it will lead to a color glaze. Clean it with a soft cloth and a soft cloth; because the use of rough tools leads to damage and relaxation, and away from the process of cracking ceramics so as not to injure.

 Use diluted detergent, neutral pH, then wipe it with warm water and dry it until the ceramic stays bright. Do not use detergents and candies that contain ammonia; they affect the color of the ceramic and make it dull. You can use a steam-based cleaning machine, which is very effective with ceramic and gypsum. Try to make bath mats so you can keep it clean.

 If you clean the ceramic and leave traces of water and soap on it, wipe it with vinegar and water in equal parts, but before using it try to place it on a small, non-visible part to make sure it does not cause the ceramic color to fade. When the ceramic gets dirty or something is poured on it, try to Wash it and rub it immediately. For example, if a liquid containing a sugar content is poured, pour plenty of water on it.
Cleaning the bathroom ceramics
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