How do I deal with my jealous child?

One of the most important ways to deal with a jealous child is to avoid punishing the child. Parents should avoid punishing the child because of feelings of jealousy; This is because jealousy is a natural human emotion witnessed by all individuals, but the child must be taught how to deal with this emotion effectively in order to find a solution to the situations that make them jealous, in addition to that parents can ease the jealousy between brothers or between the child and a new member of the family from During the treatment of each child as an individual and not as a peer or group, and spend special time with the child alone alone without his siblings.

It is also preferable to strengthen communication with the child, where the child's feelings of jealousy can be reduced if parents show that they can not love another person more than their love for the child. In this way, the schism and jealousy between the brothers will disappear. By communicating with each child every morning and then again during the day or during the whole day in order to create a chance for a warm smile, a positive comment or a compassionate touch, as parents must accept everything the child says or does and try to understand the situation from the point of view a look.

Parents should also support the child in terms of recognizing the feelings of the child and the things that are new to him, especially if the signs of jealousy on the child in the case of a new member of the family, and therefore must give the child jealous time to get used to this new and keep the comments moderate and general, Speak in terms that may injure the child more and turn jealousy into dislike. Instead, you must understand the feelings of the child and increase the dose of mutual love feelings with the child such as daily hugs, playing a game or reading a book.

Strategies to combat jealousy with the child must be defined. Parents can identify strategies for the child to help him deal with the jealousy he feels in order to find positive solutions that can help the child. If a child is jealous because a friend has an electronic device, , And that he could obtain it if he did some additional work.