How to clean cabinets and marble

 To clean the kitchen cabinets you can follow the following steps, you can sort the things stored inside them, whether food or any glass or plastic containers and get rid of unnecessary and expired, and make it completely empty.

And wipe the cupboards from the inside with a cloth dampened with soap and water, and from the outside accumulate fat and grease are wiped with a piece of cloth dampened with water and then dried well, and here it should be noted that if the cabinets are made of wood must be used cleaning powder dedicated to wood, Cleaning the cupboards with soap and water should be wiped with a damp cloth and then dried with a dry cloth.

 The kitchen marble must be wiped thoroughly every day after finishing cooking so as not to accumulate dirt and become difficult to clean, can use water and soap, and use spray spray sterile and anti-bacteria, or special cleaning materials to remove fat and grease.

The drawers can be cleaned from the outside and inside, emptied of the objects placed inside and surveyed from inside and outside, and then organize things again with the removal of things that are no longer needed or damaged.