How to clean the eyes of gas

When the cooking is finished and while the gas is still hot, spray the salt on the places where the fat and stains accumulate. Wait until the salt dissolves and cool the gas. Then, wipe the salt.

You can also clean it by soaking the eyes of the soiled gas in boiling water, which contains slices of lemon and clear means of good type, and leave it until cool water, and then wipe the fat from the eyes of gas where you will get rid of them easily and effortlessly, and you can boil the eyes of gas after cleaning in water contains On a large amount of natural lemon juice, and leave it boil for at least an hour, giving the eyes of gas gloss as if new.

If your gas is copper, make a solution of the water dissolved in the lemon salt, then leave the gas eyes in the solution overnight, making it easier for you to clean it in the morning. As for the fat accumulated on the walls of the oven Put a pot containing boiling water, and leave in the oven after running at a high temperature until the water evaporates the whole, and steam water rising on the walls of the oven to dissolve adherent fat and facilitate disposal.

 Coarse wire can also be used when cleaning the eyes of gas, especially aluminum. You can soak the gas eyes with one of the powerful chlorine types after mixing it with water and leave it for 10 minutes, then clean it with the wire.