How to deal with a nervous child

One of the most important ways to help you deal with the nervous child, parents must avoid nervousness in dealing with the child, especially in situations that call for nerve, the child derives the qualities of nervousness of his parents, and the house, which is punctuated by tension and anxiety.

It can also provide a stable and emotionally warm life for the child, as well as life full of affection, love and safety, and parents must provide games that satisfy the wishes of the child and his needs necessary for entertainment and entertainment, and the development of hobbies.

In addition, all methods of cruelty in dealing with the child, whether teachers or parents, should be completely abandoned, as the means of beatings, reprimanding and insulting negatively affect the child's psyche, creating nervousness and aggression. Loving only himself, and prefer only to implement his requests, and dealing with children all moderately, and not to differentiate between males and females.