Prevention of early baldness

To prevent baldness, you should increase the intake of meals that contain adequate amounts of protein, and enough to compensate for the body needed quantity to strengthen hair follicles, and increase growth, and stand without falling, and increase the amount of fruit consumed throughout the day, and diversity, in order to Get as many ingredients as possible to strengthen hair follicles.

It is necessary to increase the intake of vegetables and to introduce them in the authorities, because it contains many important elements, such as minerals and proteins, which are necessary for the growth and strengthening of hair, and to avoid taking stimulants, such as: tea, coffee, As a result of their strong influence on the weakening of hair growth.

It is also possible to exercise daily and continuously, because it helps greatly to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, and thus maintain a strong level of hair growth, and taking sufficient rest every day, and try to stay away from the vigil as late as possible, Shampoo, keep away from the use of soap, because it helps in hair loss, weaken the follicle.