The benefits of choridesis fungus

Its benefits are it strengthens the body's immunity, protects it from disease, and increases the immunity of people with cancer who receive chemotherapy and radiation. Strengthens the body in general, and gives it energy and vitality. Treats back pain, helps to treat inflammation of the nerves, and saves the body from the effects of opium addiction. Promotes respiratory functions, improves breathing process.

It also treats lung inflammation and relieves symptoms of allergic asthma. Regulates heartbeat. Promotes liver function, treats hepatitis B, treats fibrosis, maintains kidney health, treats renal dysfunction, plays an active role in renal failure, and contributes to the treatment of chronic diseases.

In addition, it reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, reduces triglycerides, and raises the proportion of beneficial cholesterol. It produces urine and purifies the body of waste and toxins, and increases the appetite to eat. It treats diseases of the cold, colds, and colds, increases the flow of oxygen in the blood, and activates blood circulation. Strengthens sexual ability in men and regulates secretions of sex hormones.

In addition, it strengthens the body and increases its response to chemotherapy and radiation to treat cancer. Strengthens blood, increases the number of red blood cells, the proportion of plasma blood, and alleviates the side effects of drugs. Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Prevents skin sagging, strengthens the motor system and joints.