The benefits of herb Rashad

The herb can be eaten in several ways, where it can be added to the authorities and in the preparation of stuffed meat and vegetable soup and in the manufacture of pastries and can be used to decorate food dishes in addition to the possibility of making a hot drink of Rashad and eat as the herb Rashad benefits:

It helps regulate cardiovascular action, as it treats the problem of high blood pressure. It protects against cancer, because it contains antioxidants that prevent the abnormal formation of cells. Anemia is treated for minerals and vitamins that are important for strengthening blood. Activates the movement of the lymph nodes and helps to open the appetite.

In addition, it purifies the body of sand deposits and kidney stones, and is considered a repellent for gases in the stomach and intestines. Expectorant. Heals from winter diseases such as angina and cold. It protects against diabetes. Strengthens the immune system.

It also heals skin diseases such as ulcers and skin infections. Strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair loss. Eliminates tumors of the spleen. Diuretic. Strengthens bones and prevents injury to the fragility of nudity. Purifies the skin of defects and effects of scarring, wounds and boils' and protects against tooth decay and strengthens, and heals the problem of breathlessness.