The benefits of herb

One of the benefits of al-Sadr is that it works to purify the blood and give the person energy and a sense of activity. Washing the hair with the Sidr herb gives the hair strength and shine and eliminates the crust and contributes to the increase of hair density and the ladies in the foot used as a shampoo because it has foam.

This herb is also used to treat the pain of different joints by making a paste of crushed seeder leaves and placing them in the place of pain. Treat the person with high temperature, and treat throat infections, airways and patient disposal of phlegm.

It is also used to treat wounds. Treatment of skin diseases, the most important disease of scabies, and treat stomach constipation. Helps treat gingivitis. Sedrified leaves are used by mixing them with water to fix the fractures, and boiling sydr is considered to eliminate intestinal worms.