Ways to remove tea stains from carpets

One of the best natural ways to remove the patches of carpets, soap, where we take a dry cloth, and rub it on the spot on the carpet, several times, then wash the cloth with water well, and leave it slightly wet, and then rub the carpet again several times to remove the spot, or Then wash the carpet as usual with soap and water, and clean it well, and spread it in the sun for a while to dry completely.

It is also possible to salute it with salt. Place the spot with a piece of cloth, then bring a little salt, place it on the spot, leave it for ten minutes, then wash the carpet thoroughly with soap and water, and spread it dry. Then place the vinegar again, repeat the rubbing of the carpet, and repeat the process several times until the spots disappear.

You can also use ammonia, by rubbing the carpet with a dry cloth, then putting a quantity of ammonia on the spot, rub it well, and soak it for a quarter of an hour, then wash the carpet with soap and water, and leave it in the sun to dry.