Ways to strengthen the child's memory

There are many ways in which children's memory can be strengthened. The most important of these are the participation of the child in some daily discussions to try to stimulate his memory. The child can also ask questions about his activities during the day and explain as much detail as possible about a specific experience By one of the parents.

Some of the events that have occurred in the past should be discussed. It is a way to stimulate the development of children's memory effectively. Colors must be used in different children's activities. Repetition helps effectively to remember and retrieve information. Children should be encouraged to play abroad. Physical exercise out has a positive effect on memory, and if the child can not play outside, the baby can exercise the rope rope every day for ten minutes.

Some games can enhance memory and concentration, such as puzzles, mazes and crossword puzzles, and link the information given to the child by a specific action or word. This makes it easier for the child to retrieve information easily and encourage children to write information on the papers.

 It is also preferred to know the parents of the way or method that the child needs to learn is very important in the strengthening of memory, as there are some children memorize information in the visual method, so prefer to use colors and images to support his memory, and children who prefer the method of movement, should be allowed to move during learning.