What are the benefits of Indian raisins?

One of the benefits of Indian raisins is that it is safe for food items that are beneficial to the body because it contains many nutrients needed, especially vitamins, and mineral salts necessary for healthy organ functions' such as zinc, manganese, iron and potassium.

One of the benefits is that it lowers high blood pressure, and adjusts its levels within normal range, because it contains a high potassium component that helps to balance blood pressure. Treats kidney infections, dissolves pebbles, and protects against prostate cancer, especially in men.

It also protects against the incidence of jaundice, or liver infections, especially in children. It is considered anti-inflammatory of the colon, well administered to urine, treats high cholesterol levels in the blood and contains natural fibers in large proportions. The patients. It is a treatment for stomach and liver infections, especially if taken with dried seeds, which also contain therapeutic oils.

In addition, it helps to lose weight quickly and activate the function of burning fat in the body; because it contains energy, and fat-free to a large extent, so it is ideal food for people who follow diet diets for weight loss, and contains every quarter of a cup of raisins in general To two hundred and seventy milligrams of potassium, equivalent to eight percent of the daily rate of potassium needed by the body, so doctors recommend people with stress disorders, especially elderly people to eat about a cup a day; B high pressure they have.

It is also an ideal source of iron, which helps to build hemoglobin. A quarter cup of raisins contains eight milligrams of iron, so it is recommended for people with anemia. It treats hemorrhoids and protects them from long-term occurrence because of their high content of natural fibers. The amount of fiber in a quarter cup of raisins is about eight percent of the daily needs of humans.