Yeast benefits of the body

One of the benefits of yeast for the body It helps to strengthen the immune system in the body, which is a protective wall and serves as a line of defense against viral feces, parasites, bacteria and bacteria, thanks to contain the beta-glucan and peptides and glutathione of the immune system and the health and strength of the body.

As well as help to improve digestion, and protects the digestive system from diseases resulting from many types of bacteria and create a balance between the bacteria Flora Health and other types of bacteria that exist inside the intestine and the digestive system in the body, and maintain the health of the intestines.

It is also one of the most powerful antioxidants that help protect against serious diseases that threaten human life. It also contains the selenium component which is very important in preventing oxidation reactions in the body and reduces the possibility of weakness, anemia or anemia. Contains a high proportion of the iron component responsible for the production and composition of hemoglobin that strengthens the blood.

Plus they contain ingredients that make them very useful for building muscle and gaining weight thanks to the amino acids and proteins that build up the body's cells and thus help its growth. Reduces the risk of heart disease, including blockage of arteries, strokes, strokes, heart attacks and vascular disease, as it reduces the rate of harmful cholesterol in the body.

In addition, it provides the body with the energy and vitality necessary to perform tasks and functions of life, during a record time of handling. Helps to reduce blood sugar, making it the best natural recipe for diabetics of various types, being very rich element chromium helps to treat diabetes mellitus.

It also helps to improve the mood and emotional well-being of people, and reduces the fluctuations and negative changes, and reduce the tension and anxiety to a large extent, and helps to relax, and reduce the disturbances of sleep and insomnia, and interfere in the manufacture of bread and pastries, and can not do without making a large number Of desserts, making them essentially in every eastern and western cuisine.