Benefits of grape seed extract

An important benefit of Grape Seed Extract is that it helps to reduce blood pressure. Several studies have indicated that people with high blood pressure or high risk of high blood pressure were found to eat 100-2,000 milligrams of grape seed extract Per day significantly reduced systolic blood pressure by 6.08 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure at 2.8 mmHg. The improvement was found to be greater in people under age 50, obese, or metabolized.

In addition, it helps to improve blood flow. Some studies have suggested that grape seed extract may improve blood flow. An eight-week study involving women after the age of hope, where 400 milligrams of grape seed extract, The study found that 400 milligrams of paranethocyanidins found in the grape seed extract showed that it reduced swelling of the legs and ascites by 70 percent after six hours of sitting.

In addition, it helps to reduce oxidative stress. Animal studies have found that grape seed extract reduces the risk of oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which is caused by a high-fat diet. Studies have also shown a similar effect in humans; One study showed that 87 people ate 400 milligrams of grape seed extract a day before heart surgery, significantly reducing oxidative stress.

It also helps to improve bone health. It has been shown that increasing the amount of flavonoids improves the production of collagen and bone formation. The grape seed extract is rich in flavonoids; therefore, it may help increase bone density and strength. Animals The addition of grape seed extract to a high, or low, calcium diet can increase bone density and strength. The results of these studies are important, but there is still a need for studies on humans.

It also leads to the improvement of kidney function, where studies have shown that the animal extracts grape seed may reduce the damage to the kidneys and improve their functions, by reducing oxidative stress, and results showed in another study involving people suffering from kidney failure Chronic), where they took two grams of grape seed extract daily for 6 months, a decrease in the protein found in urine by 3%, and improved kidney filtration by 9%.