Benefits of healthy fruits

 Fruits contain the necessary fiber that helps facilitate bowel function and facilitate digestion, thus helping to support the removal and disposal of waste. It contains a quantity of calcium, which works to strengthen the bones and protect from the fragility, and contains a few calories that help to maintain the body is agile and light, and thus get an attractive form.

In addition, it helps to extend the body with vitamins and salts that help in the function of organs. Maintains the health and integrity of the body, for its many benefits. Fruits help in weight loss, and are resistant to diseases, especially heart disease, which help in the treatment of all cancers, kidney and liver diseases, and many diseases.

Fruits are also used in the manufacture of some children's medicines, cosmetics, hair care products and medical preparations. They contain large amounts of effective antioxidants such as anthocyanins, which reduce the risk of cancer. Figs, dates, violet grapes, The most fruit types are rich in these antibiotics.

It also strengthens bones, prevents brittleness, reduces the risk of diabetes, strengthens the immune system in the body and protects it from diseases, and contains fruits folic acid, which is one of the elements of vitamin B helps to form red blood cells in the body. Constipation is treated and prevented. It treats anemia, strengthens cell tissue, because it contains a high percentage of vitamin C, and contributes to the prevention of defects and congenital malformations in young people because they contain high folic acid. Prevent kidney stones. Maintains moderate blood pressure.
Benefits of healthy fruits
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