Benefits of rice water for hair

One of the benefits of cedar water for hair is that rice water is used daily for hair, because it gives it natural luster, it also maintains the hair follicles strong and thick, in addition to its ability to treat many of the aesthetic problems of hair, and the most important benefits: moisturizing hair can be used rice dipped plasma Naturally, moisturizing the hair, when adding a few essential oils such as lavender, rosemary to rice water, let the hair follicles in the mixture, leave the mixture for no more than fifteen minutes, then wash it with cold water.

In addition to helping to soften hair curls, rice water is one of the most effective treatments for getting rid of curly hair, because it contains a high percentage of protein, which helps to smooth hair and individual, and it contains a substance that reduces the chances of exposure to hair damage, Repair the damaged by adding it to the shower water, and rinse the hair after using shampoo as usual, three or four times a week.

As it helps to increase the length of hair is used from rice water to prepare the most important scissors that help to increase the length of hair, where the scalp and the scalp and leave it for at least twenty minutes, taking care to massage circular movements from time to time to stimulate circulation, Wash the hair with the usual shampoo, and dry.

In addition to helping to reduce the shelling of the parties, rice water contains many nutrients to the hair, which makes it an important way to fight the bombing of limbs and damage, when the affected parties covered in a quantity of rice water, and left for some time, and then washed.