How to live a happy married life

In order to live a happy married life, respect for the weaknesses of the couple should respect the weaknesses of each other, for example: If the husband can not bear criticism, the wife should not be too much criticism, or if the wife does not bear the weight overload does not have to mock the husband Therefore, knowing the weaknesses of the other party is one of the most important elements of marital happiness.

Holidays together must be done to improve the relationship between spouses and make them happier by planning and doing holidays together to change the daily routine of work and boredom. Change has a great positive impact on the couple's daily life.

In addition, it is possible to estimate the partner. Successful marriages are marriages in which the spouses are mutually valued. Valuation is the basis of love. For this reason, the couple should thank each other even for small things. This creates a clear positive energy between them and at home and among the family.

The forgiveness of the other party, whether in marital life or in any other emotional relationship, is important for the continuity of the relationship and its success in a clear and continuous manner. There is no relationship without problems, and there is no one who does not make mistakes in his life at all. Their relationship or are adversely affected by the first error from one direction to the other.

As well as listening and listening to the partner should the couple listen and listen to each other, these are signs of interest and appreciation and love as well, and if one of them should not be preoccupied with anything else such as teapot or phone protected and other things, it is worth mentioning that it is necessary to give simple responses So the other party feels it is being well listened to.